2017-02-02 Tournament Results

Where'd the PR go?This week’s melee event was a bit lighter with a total of 7 entrants. Due to the lower attendance, we ended up running a round robin. With not many PR players around, many secondaries came out to play. In game 2 of Iceman vs robo, we saw a rare Luigi ditto. Iceman [...]
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2017-01-19 Tournament Results

The Pikmin came out to play.Though some of the regulars were out of town for G4, Melee still had a decent turnout with 12 entrants. We saw a few new faces with Tyler, Kelp and Fuzzy, with Shoyo and TY also making their return to the Training House. Bracket ran as expected with Shoyo at [...]
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2017-01-12 Tournament Results

Aki fought the good fight, but Bladewise reigned supreme.Melee was a bit lighter this week, with a total of 8 entrants, ending up in a round robin. Bladewise swept the house going 7-0 with Chevy trailing right behind at 6-1, only losing to Bladewise himself. Greed and Chevy once again having a close 2-1 set. [...]
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2017-01-05 Tournament Results

New year, new season.This weekly was the first event of the new season. With the new season, came a new stream setup, now in glorious 480p using back to back CRT monitors. In Melee, we saw a couple of new faces along with a strong showing from the Gameclucks crew. Greed and Almond had some [...]
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2016-12-22 Tournament Results

Who is Gorilla Kid?This weekly was very interesting aside from all the great sets that we saw. There was a player named Gorilla Kid, dressed up in a Gorilla outfit. The mystery consumed the tournament as everyone threw out guesses as to who is inside the suit. At first we thought it was our own [...]
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