2017-05-11 Tournament Results

Brackets back and big!Melee this week had a good turnout with a total of 16 entrants, three being PR players. Bracket went mostly as expected until Winners R3 where Chevy beat Rustin in a close 2-1. Rustin then dropped to Losers and beat Boxer 2-0 in R4 and Pookie 2-0 in Semis. Chevy then played [...]
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2017-05-04 Tournament Results

Power's out.This week’s tournament started out like a normal event and melee had a total of 13 entrants. However, the thunderstorm picked up as bracket started and at about 7:15 the power went out! We waited for 30 minutes until bracket was called and everyone was refunded. People decided to stick around and hang out, [...]
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2017-04-20 Tournament Results

Melee's stacked!This week Melee was average size, but the most stacked it’s been since the Silent Wolf era. Six members of the PR showed up including Bladewise, Iceman, Rustin, Oreo, Chevy and Pookie. Games were close, but entrants played to their seed and bracket went mostly as expected. On Losers side, Gus made a great [...]
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2017-04-13 Tournament Results

One strange melee with a large PM, please.This week melee had a strange bracket with a total of 14 entrants. Many players opted to use secondaries, which resulted in bracket shenanigans. It began in Winners R2 with Chevy deciding to play Fox dittos against Rizner. Chevy won game 1, but then lost when Rizner swapped [...]
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2017-04-06 Tournament Results

Melee's back, but PM has the upsets!Melee was back this week with a total of 11 entrants. Oreo made a visit from down Souf and Catosat from up North. Bracket ran as expected with no serious upsets. It ended with Bladewise at 1st, Oreo at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd. Project M had a good [...]
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2017-03-16 Tournament Results

Bladewise is back.Melee was a bit smaller this week, forcing a 7 man Round Robin. While not the biggest event, we had a returning visitor and upsets. The first upset was in Chevy vs Almond. It went to a game 3 situation with Almond clinching out the win, taking his first ever bracket games and [...]
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2017-03-09 Tournament Results

The Aki streak has ended!Melee was back to its normal size this week with 13 entrants, 3 of them being PR members. The biggest upset of the event occurred in Winners R2 with Amrit beating Chevy. Chevy took the first game with 2 stocks to spare but Amrit counter picked to Final Destination and won [...]
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2017-03-02 Tournament Results

Back to bracket!Melee was a bit smaller this week with a total of 7 entrants. Bracket ran as expected with typical results. However, Almond did have a decent night going 3-3 overall, beating Amrit and Hadoken. The Round Robin resulted in Bladewise at 1st, Iceman at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd. Project M had a [...]
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2017-02-16 Tournament Results

Upsets aplenty.Melee was back to its average size with 12 entrants. Three members of the PR came out this week and all played to their seed. Bladewise finished at 1st, Iceman at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd. Amrit and Hadoken had an early set in Winners R2, thanks to being 4th and 5th seed, which [...]
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2017-02-09 Tournament Results

Pre-Stigma Grinding!Melee was almost back to its average size this week with a total of 10 entrants. Oreo made a showing from the Souf and had a decent bracket run. In Winners R2, he beat Bland with a clean 2-0 and continued the streak with a close 2-1 victory over Chevy in Winners Semis. He [...]
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