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What Is Star Citizen?

Our Organization

The ePeen Gaming community is jumping into Star Citizen with both feet, and we invite the masses to join us on our journey. Our mission is to become powerful industry titans focusing primarily on Mining, Salvage, and Transport. Of course we will need a secure support structure to ensure our efforts are successful. Therefore a well rounded fleet is necessary and positions of all types are welcome to our ranks.

Recognizing that in order to survive and achieve great things in the persistent universe, we will need practice the following:

  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Trust and Respect
  • Commitment
  • Discipline

As Star Citizen strives to be as realistic and mastery reliant as possible, these things will matter. We need to make sure that when exploring the verse doing whatever we are doing that we are supporting each-other to be free to do anything.

Read more below for more detailed information on what we are focused on achieving.

Our Economic Efforts

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and everything has a cost. We will need to work for the fruits of our labor, and to become industry titans, we will need to work even harder. As stated above, our primary economic focuses are Mining, Salvage, and Transport. Here is how we will do it.


Mining is an industry that serves as a lifeblood to many things in the verse. As such, we found it important to focus on this as a primary objective of the fleet. We have a few mining ships already in the fleet, but need citizens with a love for rocks and non-combat oriented roles to help the fleet grow and pocket some green for themselves.

If you are interested in joining our mining efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!


If the mini persistent universe is anything to get a sense of things to come, we are probably going to come across or make some space wrecks. It wouldn’t be environmentally friendly to leave all that space junk out there. Therefore we are going to need a team of skilled operators who love seeking and sifting through abandoned hulls and wrecks.Whether we are reclaiming hulls or searching for usable items/resources, there will be something of use.

If you are interested in joining our salvage efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!


In Star Citizen, things just don’t instantly transfer from point a to point b. You need someone to actually take it there! And if we are to succeed economically, we are going to need a well guarded supply chain of transport ships and traders to boot. With a Hull D / E already acquired by the fleet, we will need smart and organized crews to make sure that our loot gets to where it needs to.

If you are interested in joining our transport efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!


Exploration & Cartography

With a large expansive universe to explore, there is going to be plenty to find and chart. That is why we will need rugged pilots who have a passion for exploration and charting unknown territory. For our purposes, we will need to find more resources to harvest as well as other points of interest. These individuals will probably work closely with info-runners to make sure that their data gets back safely.

If you are interested in joining our exploration efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!

Info-Running & Intelligence

Info-running is an important job in the verse. Where traditional physical materials are carried by transport ships, info runners transport digital data. What that data is can range from points of interest, scans, reports, etc… These pilots will be vital to ensuring our fleets safety by providing intelligence to command and transporting important information from our cartographers.

If you are interested in joining our info-running/intelligence efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!

Our Support Fleet

Fuel & Repair

Ever run out of gas in your car after forgetting to go to the pump? Well you probably don’t want to do that in Star Citizen. Left stranded in space can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of dangers. In order to keep our fleet secure and moving, we will need to keep it well fueled. An individual who is more interested in non-combat roles but not fearful to jump into a fray to keep our fleet fueled is critical to our operations.

As critical as it is to keep our fleet fueled, it is equally important to make sure its in tip top condition. You never know when you may be surprised by some pirates or group of players who are not looking to be friendly. Additionally damaged components are a threat to the entire ship and its crew, so making sure we have a crew of skilled technicians who can respond to the threats are readily available.

If you are interested in joining our Fueling & Repair efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!

Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue is the coordinated efforts between scouts, medical ships, and support forces to venture into space helping those in need. No double will there come a time where you are left stranded somewhere and need a pickup. We will need crew willing to take risks and rescue our own and others from the dangers that lurk in the verse.

If you are interested in joining our Search & Rescue efforts, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!

Security Force(s)

Space is a dangerous place already without having to worry about protection from other humans or aliens. But seeing that these will be existing threats in the verse, A.I. or otherwise, security is on our mind. Although we plan every member of our org to go through some basic training, we will need to have an organized security force ready to respond.

These forces will vary from Ground to Air & Space, incorporating pilots in fighter ships, crewman, and marines to get close and personal if needed. These forces will also work in tandem with any support fleet resources required to mediate any challenges we may face.

If you are interested in joining our Security Force, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!

Research & Development


We don’t know too much yet about what kind of science is going to end up in the final product, but we know that with the design briefs of some ships and professions that there may be some science involved. This is currently a low priority for us, but we are interested to see what game-play mechanics are introduced for this. It may end up being really important!

If you are interested in joining our Science Division, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!


Engineers are important, and so are the components on our ships. With Superconducting technology given to us with the Endevour platform, we will want to make sure that all our ships components are in good shape and optimized to their greatest potential. This work can make the difference in a fight, or grant us economic advantages.

If you are interested in joining our Engineering Deptartment, please visit our Org Page and Apply today!

Active Recruitment Efforts

Legend: C – Captain / c – Crew
HP – High Priority / LP – Low Priority


Mining – C / c

Salvage – C / c

Trade & Transport – C / c

Grey Market – C / c


Explorers – C / c

Cartographers – C / c

Info-Runners – C / c

Support Fleet

Fuel & Repair – C/ c

Search & Rescue – C / c

Fighter Pilots – C / c

Security Force – Air & Space – C / c

Security Force – Ground – C / c

Research & Development

Science – C / c

Engineering – C / c

Events & Operations

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