ePG Presents: NEMESIS

In celebration of our 3 year anniversary running smash events, ePeen Gaming is proud to present Nemesis.

Come join us at our first ever regional tournament and celebrate how the community has grown. Nemesis will be the Pacific Northwest’s first PMCC sanctioned event.

It will be hosted on the UW Campus and features a variety of Smash games including Project M, Melee, and Smash 64.

More Info Coming Soon!

Tentative Schedule

10:00 – Check In Opens

11:00 – Start Melee Doubles

11:30 – Start 64

12:00 – Start Project M Doubles

13:00 – Start Melee Pools A

14:00 – Start Melee Pools B

14:00 – Start Project M Pools A

15:00 – Start Project M Pools B

15:30 – Start Melee Final Bracket

16:30 – Start Project M Final Bracket

23:00 – Tear down and cleanup

24:00 – Venue Closes