Hello, want to join us on one of our servers?

Right now we only host a Minecraft and 7 Days to Die Server, but we hope to re-populate both these servers and expand into other games  once again.

Server Rules

  1. No Griefing
  2. No Stealing (Don’t Take Anything That Doesn’t Belong To You.)
  3. Respect Each Other’s “Areas” (When Building Your House/Castle, Give Adequate Space For Yourself From Others)
  4. Respect One Another (Jokes aside, be polite.)
  5. Have a Question? Ask It & Answer Fellow Players Questions (The more players understand, the better the game will be.)
  6. Have Fun & Don’t Be A Mongoloid!

7 Days To Die

Address: 7daystodie.epeengaming.net

Port: 25000

Password: 7daystogetrekt


Address: minecraft.epeengaming.net

What is 7 days to Die?

What is Minecraft?

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