Star Citizen – Alpha 2.6 & Star Marine Goes Live

Star Marines Big DebutAlpha patch 2.6 is finally here and the community can finally get its hands on the famously delayed Star Marine module. This feature of the game was promised for release in the spring of 2015, but due to a myriad of issues was pushed back without any additional information. Many people in [...]
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2016-12-22 Tournament Results

Who is Gorilla Kid?This weekly was very interesting aside from all the great sets that we saw. There was a player named Gorilla Kid, dressed up in a Gorilla outfit. The mystery consumed the tournament as everyone threw out guesses as to who is inside the suit. At first we thought it was our own [...]
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Ragnaros, The Firelord has joined the Nexus!

Die, InsectAfter initially being showed off at Blizzcon Ragnaros is finally here, and he is marvelous. The hero is special in that it can easily stop or stall lane pushes with the use of his trait and one of his heroic abilities, if chosen. This strength has already turned into a great debate among the [...]
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Smash The Stigma 2 – A PNW Project M Regional

Smash The Stigma 2 Promotional Trailer Register Today! Smash The Stigma 2The return of the PNW's Project M Exclusive Regional. This tournament will feature both Doubles and Singles, along with Round Robin pools for Singles. This tournament is being dedicated as one for charity, meaning the venue fee will be going directly to the GlobeMed [...]
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