2017-02-16 Tournament Results

Upsets aplenty.Melee was back to its average size with 12 entrants. Three members of the PR came out this week and all played to their seed. Bladewise finished at 1st, Iceman at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd. Amrit and Hadoken had an early set in Winners R2, thanks to being 4th and 5th seed, which [...]
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2017-02-09 Tournament Results

Pre-Stigma Grinding!Melee was almost back to its average size this week with a total of 10 entrants. Oreo made a showing from the Souf and had a decent bracket run. In Winners R2, he beat Bland with a clean 2-0 and continued the streak with a close 2-1 victory over Chevy in Winners Semis. He [...]
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2017-02-02 Tournament Results

Where'd the PR go?This week’s melee event was a bit lighter with a total of 7 entrants. Due to the lower attendance, we ended up running a round robin. With not many PR players around, many secondaries came out to play. In game 2 of Iceman vs robo, we saw a rare Luigi ditto. Iceman [...]
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2017-01-26 Tournament Results

He's just a boy!This week was the first PM doubles bracket of 2017. Though there were only 5 teams, things got exciting real quick with a 3 way tie for second place between Vapor Snake/Chevy, Helix/Bladewise, and Punk Panda/Howl. It all started with a wonky game 3 between Vapor Snake/Chevy and Punk Panda/Howl. Punk Panda [...]
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2017-01-19 Tournament Results

The Pikmin came out to play.Though some of the regulars were out of town for G4, Melee still had a decent turnout with 12 entrants. We saw a few new faces with Tyler, Kelp and Fuzzy, with Shoyo and TY also making their return to the Training House. Bracket ran as expected with Shoyo at [...]
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Introducing Our New VODs Channel

If you have been paying attention to the past few weeks tournament synopsis posts, you may have seen a change in the channel our VODs have been posted in. That is because we have opened up a new YouTube channel, called ePeenGaming VODs! Until 2017, all our VODs have been posted on our original YouTube [...]
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2017-01-12 Tournament Results

Aki fought the good fight, but Bladewise reigned supreme.Melee was a bit lighter this week, with a total of 8 entrants, ending up in a round robin. Bladewise swept the house going 7-0 with Chevy trailing right behind at 6-1, only losing to Bladewise himself. Greed and Chevy once again having a close 2-1 set. [...]
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