About Us

Who are we?

ePeen Gaming is a proud community of gamers who have been together since 2009. Starting off as two tight-knit groups of friends playing various games together, we eventually formed a series of successful raiding guilds in World of Warcraft, and now help run the Smash Brothers scene in the Pacific Northwest.

What are we up to now?

Our focus the past couple of years has been building and growing the Smash scene through running weekly Project M and Super Smash Bros. tournaments. Project M has been at the core of our event structure, turning our weekly tournament into a fundamental part of this region’s scene.

In addition to Smash, we also run a PC gaming community. This has been less of a focus since our departure from World of Warcraft, but we have maintained a presence in Blizzard games, Battlefield, Minecraft, and other steam titles.

Since the announcement of Star Citizen, we have gradually been pouring our time and resources into it. The game is still in development and very much in early alpha, but as it inches closer to completion, we continue to raise a formidable fleet.

Where Are We Going?

Our goal is to become a major eSports player in the Pacific Northwest and to cultivate the skill in the area. We feel there is great potential for a highly active scene in the region with enough structure and support from the local community.

With brand new projects and content to keep us busy for the foreseeable future, make sure to follow us on social media to see what we are up to or join us in our adventure and head on over to our recruitment page.

Ancient Relics Of Our Past