Brackets back and big!

Melee this week had a good turnout with a total of 16 entrants, three being PR players. Bracket went mostly as expected until Winners R3 where Chevy beat Rustin in a close 2-1. Rustin then dropped to Losers and beat Boxer 2-0 in R4 and Pookie 2-0 in Semis. Chevy then played Bladewise in Winners Finals, losing 0-3. Chevy dropped to Losers Finals and played Rustin in a runback, with Rustin winning 3-1. Rustin played Bladewise in Grands, with Bladewise taking the set 3-0. Congratulations to Bladewise at 1st, Rustin at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd.

This week Project M had a huge turnout with 29 entrants, with 8/10 PR members attending. Bracket had a few early upsets with Howl beating Zeddy 2-0 and Rizner beating Zygo 2-1 in Winners R2. Bracket continued as expected until Winners Finals, where Aki snagged his first set win against Bladewise this season in a close 3-2. On Losers side, Bizz beat Zeddy 2-1 in Losers R3, but then lost to Shockbound in R4. In the same round, PwrUp! had a solid win over Zygo, winning 2-0. In Losers R5, Shockbound had a close set against Rizner, but clutched it out with a 2-1. He then lost Punk Panda 0-2 in R6. On the other side, PwrUp! had a close set against Chevy, but ended up losing 1-2. Chevy and Punk Panda then met in Losers Semis, with Chevy winning 2-1. Chevy advanced to play Bladewise in Losers Finals. He took the first 2 games but Bladewise won the next 3 to take the set. Bladewise met Aki in Grand Finals, but lost in a quick 0-3. Congratulations to Aki at 1st, Bladewise at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd.

This Thursday will be Melee and Project M singles. The event info can be found here.

Links to Challonge brackets and VOD’s are posted below. See you next week!

Challonge Links


Project M:

Recorded VODs

Top 5 Bracket Standings


Supreme Champion: Bladewise

Worthy Adversary: Rustin

Maybe Next Time: [ePG]Chevy

4th place: Pookie

5th place: Bizz, Boxer

Project M

Supreme Champion: GHQ | Aki

Worthy Adversary: Bladewise

Maybe Next Time: [ePG]Chevy

4th place: [ePG]Punk Panda

5th place: ESS | Shockbound, PwrUp!

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