This week was Project M doubles and singles, and what a great turnout we had! In doubles, we had a total of 10 teams. We saw a few classic teams, some off brand versions, and first time partners alike. Helix and PwrUp! had a good run, beating Punk Panda and Howl in Winners Semis, but losing to Mandrake (Aki and Zygo) in Winners Finals. They lost again in Losers Finals against The Missile Fighters (Chevy and Zerxion), ending up in 3rd. The Missile Fighters moved on to play Mandrake in Grand Finals and lost 1-3. Congratulations to Aki and Zygo taking 1st.

Project M singles had a huge turnout with 27 entrants. We saw some new faces and retuning veterans. DBSammy made a rare appearance and PwrUp! was able to make his first ePG of the season. Bracket ran mostly as expected until Losers Semis, but there were a few upsets along the way. It started in Winners R2 with Blu2 beating TM87 2-0. In Losers R2, Sputo started his bracket run beating Vlad 2-0, then TM87 2-0 in Losers R3, but his luck ended with PwrUp!, losing 0-2 in Losers R4. One of the coolest matches I’ve ever seen happen in Losers R4 in a Mewtwo ditto between Blu2 and Zerxion. The set went to game 3 with Blu2 taking the set 2-1. Bracket continued as expected until Losers Semis, where Zeddy beat Chevy 2-1. Zeddy moved on to Losers Finals and got a bye as Punk Panda had to leave earlier for personal reasons. With Punk Panda out of the question, Zeddy moved onto Grands and lost to Aki 0-3. Congrats to our winners with Punk Panda in 3rd, Zeddy in 2nd, and Aki in 1st.

This Thursday will be Project M reverse mains and singles. The event info can be found here.

Links to Challonge brackets and VOD’s are posted below. See you next week!

Challonge Links

Project M Doubles:

Project M Singles:

Recorded VODs

Top 5 Bracket Standings

PM Doubles

Supreme Champion: Mandrake (Aki + Zygo)

Worthy Adversary: The Missile Fighters (Chevy + Zerxion)

Maybe Next Time: Helix + PwrUp!

4th place: Misunderstood (Kick + TM87)

5th place: Space Dandy (Howl + Punk Panda)

PM Singles

Supreme Champion: GHQ | Aki

Worthy Adversary: ESS | Zeddy

Maybe Next Time: [ePG]Punk Panda

4th place: [ePG]Chevy

5th place tie: ESS | Shockbound, Zygo

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