Upsets aplenty.

Melee was back to its average size with 12 entrants. Three members of the PR came out this week and all played to their seed. Bladewise finished at 1st, Iceman at 2nd, and Chevy at 3rd. Amrit and Hadoken had an early set in Winners R2, thanks to being 4th and 5th seed, which led to a Mario ditto ending in Amrit’s favor. Amrit had another entertaining set, this time against Zeddy in Losers R3, where we saw the legendary G&W himself. Unfortunately for Zeddy, this wasn’t PM, and Amrit took the set with a clean 2-0.

Project M had a total of 18 entrants this week and a whole lot of upsets. We saw some new and old faces, resulting in an unusual bracket. In Winners R2, Rizner had the first upset against Zygo. He took the set 2-0 and then continued the streak against Zeddy in Winners R3. Rizner then played Bladewise in Winners Semis and finally dropped, 0-2, into Losers. Clown Balls, a player from Norcal and new to the area, had a solid night after his first defeat from Bladewise in Winners R2. In Losers he played Mocha and Howl, beating both 2-0, before dropping to Zygo 1-2 in Losers R4. Zygo continued on to win his revenge match, 2-0, against Rizner in Losers R5. On the other side of Losers, Zeddy beat Chevy in Losers R5, putting him against Zygo in Semis. One of the biggest upsets then occurred with Zygo beating Zeddy 2-1 and advancing to Losers Finals to play Bladewise. This is where the upsets ended and Bladewise beat Zygo 3-0 and then lost to Aki 1-3 in Grands.

This Thursday will be Project M doubles and singles. The event info can be found here.

Links to Challonge brackets and VOD’s are posted below. See you next week!

Challonge Links


Project M:

Recorded VODs

Top 5 Bracket Standings


Supreme Champion: Bladewise

Worthy Adversary: Iceman

Maybe Next Time: [ePG]Chevy

4th place: Amrit

5th place: Hadoken, ESS | Zeddy

Project M

Supreme Champion: GHQ | Aki

Worthy Adversary: Bladewise

Maybe Next Time: Zygo

4th place: ESS | Zeddy

5th place tie: [ePG]Chevy, Rizner

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