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This week was the first PM doubles bracket of 2017. Though there were only 5 teams, things got exciting real quick with a 3 way tie for second place between Vapor Snake/Chevy, Helix/Bladewise, and Punk Panda/Howl. It all started with a wonky game 3 between Vapor Snake/Chevy and Punk Panda/Howl. Punk Panda took the game thanks to some port priority shenanigans causing Chevy’s fsmash to go through Punk Panda and kill Vapor Snake. Punk Panda then reacted with a bair, killing Chevy and ending the set. Take a look here. After a short tie breaker, the results were in with Aki/Zygo at 1st, Chevy/Vapor Snake at 2nd, and Helix/Bladewise at 3rd.

Project M singles had a strong showing with 20 entrants. Bracket ran as expected with few upsets. However, ForestFire snagged a set win against Zeddy’s Fox and Falcon in Winners R2. Due to Zeddy’s early loss, he had to make a deep run from Losers R2 taking out Sputo, Zygo, and Howl. He then lost to Punk Panda in a close 2-1 set in Losers Quarters. Punk Panda continued on to play Chevy in Losers Semis and triumphed with a close 2-1 victory. He then moved on to Losers Finals and lost 3-1 Bladewise. Bladewise had a decent bracket but was ultimately stopped by Aki. He lost a close Winners Final going 2-3, reset Grands with a 3-0, and was then 0-3’d himself in the reset. This loss marks Bladewise’s first 2nd placing at an ePG event this year.

This Thursday will be Melee and Project M singles. The event info can be found here.

Links to Challonge brackets and VOD’s are posted below. See you next week!

Challonge Links

Project M Doubles: http://epeengaming.challonge.com/jo1mlax2
Doubles Tiebreaker: http://epeengaming.challonge.com/npbsofkw

Project M Singles: http://epeengaming.challonge.com/ulbfrgbz

Recorded VODs

Top 5 Bracket Standings

PM Doubles

Supreme Champion: Aki + Zygo

Worthy Adversary: Chevy + Vapor Snake

Maybe Next Time: Bladewise + Helix

4th place: Howl + Punk Panda

5th place: Sputo + Tismatic

PM Singles

Supreme Champion: GHQ | Aki

Worthy Adversary: Bladewise

Maybe Next Time: [ePG]Punk Panda

4th place: [ePG]Chevy

5th place tie: ESS | Zeddy, Souf | Blu2

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