If you are involved with the competitive side of the Project M community, you may be familiar with Hitbox.tv and the importance it plays. As the modded game resides in a legal grey zone Twitch.tv, the largest live-streaming service made the decision to deny partnership to individuals who stream it. Essentially creating a “soft ban” on Project M when it comes to aspiring partners.

Due to this dilemma, gaming organizations like ours had to look for an alternative platform to live-stream and promote our Project M tournaments. We ended up moving to Hitbox.tv, and aside from the inherent lower viewership numbers, we we’re very happy with the new platform. But now things may change depending on the outcome of this acquisition of Hitbox by Azubu.

From Two Come One

On January 10th, it was announced that Azubu would be acquiring Hitbox.tv and through a combined effort, create a new platform that will compete with Twitch. So what does that mean for ePG and what is the potential impact on the Project M community?

Right now, nothing…

For the time being Hitbox and Azubu plan to continue operating separately, but come sometime in early 2017 the new platform will launch. The details on this new platform are scarce, but what they stated is exciting to hear.

Together, Hitbox and Azubu will launch a new platform, focused on optimizing the mobile user experience and monetization technologies, strengthened by our internally developed technologies, technical partner relationships and a passionate team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of video game live streaming.

Expansion and optimization in the mobile space is great, and any improvements to monetization is welcome. Hopefully this acquisition and the events that follow will provide those looking for an alternative space to Twitch a place to call home. As this news progresses, we will make sure to make announcements to any changes in our stream and whether or not we end up on this new platform or moving over to something else. Thanks for taking the time to read this and we’ll see you in game.

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