If you have been paying attention to the past few weeks tournament synopsis posts, you may have seen a change in the channel our VODs have been posted in. That is because we have opened up a new YouTube channel, called ePeenGaming VODs!

Until 2017, all our VODs have been posted on our original YouTube channel. But as we enter this new year we are also looking to change the type of content posted there. Therefore we needed to come up with a solution for the thousands of VODs we have now as well as future uploads.

As VODs are a critical tool for players to look at past performances or show off cool game-play, we decided to make a new VODs channel that people could easily locate recorded matches that aren’t mixed up with a bunch of other stuff. This also helps us logistically when posting videos, and minimizes the chance of copyright claims taking down our channel(s).

So What’s Next?

While all future VODs we are posting will go to our new channel, we will continue to maintain our VODs prior to 2017 on our original channel for the time being. We are creating legacy playlists in this new channel linking to these older videos and over time we will begin pruning these older videos from our earliest tournaments.

For those worried about losing access to these old videos, don’t worry. We will be providing a repository from which people can find old videos no longer listed on YouTube. Currently we do not have a detailed timeline in which this pruning will begin, but you can expect it to start sometime in the summer of this year. We will make sure to write up further posts on this and keep you all informed. So for those who want to keep up to date on our newest VODs, please head on over and subscribe today!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and don’t forget to /Flex Your Epeen!

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