New year, new season.

This weekly was the first event of the new season. With the new season, came a new stream setup, now in glorious 480p using back to back CRT monitors. In Melee, we saw a couple of new faces along with a strong showing from the Gameclucks crew. Greed and Almond had some tight fox dittos in Losers Finals, with Greed clinching it out to move onto Grands against Bladewise. Bladewise then won 3-0 in regular fashion. Big shoutout to Demmy as well for casting the entire Melee event!

In Project M, we had a solid 22 entrants. Additionally, it was Pikmon’s last ePG before heading back to NorCal for school. Zeddy had a strong event, even though he dropped to losers from Winners R2, he tore through bracket beating Mocha, Shockbound, Zygo, Chevy, and Aki all in succession. He succumbed to Pikmon in Losers Finals via G&W dittos and spacie battles. Pikmon moved on to play Bladewise in a runback Grand Finals, with Bladewise winning 3-1.

This Thursday will be Melee and Project M singles. The event info can be found here.

Links to Challonge brackets and VOD’s are posted below. See you next week!

Challonge Links


Project M:

Recorded VODs

Top 5 Bracket Standings


Supreme Champion: Bladewise

Worthy Adversary: Amrit

Maybe Next Time: Almond

4th place: IM_JK

5th place tie: DC, GHQ | Aki

Project M

Supreme Champion: Bladewise

Worthy Adversary: [ePG]Pikmon

Maybe Next Time: ESS | Zeddy

4th place: GHQ | Aki

5th place tie: [ePG]Chevy, Helix

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