Star Marines Big Debut

Alpha patch 2.6 is finally here and the community can finally get its hands on the famously delayed Star Marine module. This feature of the game was promised for release in the spring of 2015, but due to a myriad of issues was pushed back without any additional information. Many people in the community debated about the future of Star Marine and whether or not we would actually see it, but now that we have it, we can judge it for ourselves.

We played the module over the past week and were quite happy for this first iteration. Aside from all the bugs… for a barebone FPS shooter, it’s pretty damn good. With polish and more content, it could be potentially sold as its own game title. And any backers who have played Arena Commander since its initial release know that this is just the beginning for Star Marine.

The weapons feel good, and there seems to be less bugs when using them including missing your sights and attachments. (for the most part) Oh yea, Grenades… we absolutely love them. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t get any the previously previewed weapons, grenades, and gadgets. Maybe next patch. As for character movement and animations, there has been a number of improvements and the gameplay is more fluid than before. We also loved the new hand signal animations, although we wish they worked in the persistent universe properly. The two game types are your standard elimination and conquest modes. The maps are well designed and will probably shine when other mechanics and gadgets are introduced. The radar could use improvement, and there are now confirmed aimbot and wall scripts. Hopefully it is addressed and does not get out of hand.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Gameplay Trailer

More In Alpha 2.6

But there was plenty of more content that dropped with Alpha 2.6. We saw eight new ships including the Caterpillar and its Pirate Variant which has to be earned by beating the new Arena Commander Mode: Pirate Swarm. Yela and the surrounding areas we’re changed with some new explorable content, the servers are less buggy than before, and the new flight mechanics have been introduced.

These flight mechanics are a huge departure from previous patches, its simpler and with some minor adjustments will make for some good gameplay. Cruise mode is gone, but you can use afterburner to get yourself to a similar top speed. The space combat has not changed too much in 1v1 fights, aside that you are much closer to one another. Arena Commander is much more exciting with pickups and many bug fixes. Overall this patch feels good and we are happy with what has been delivered.

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See You in the Verse!

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